Nexus Bonds Limited (ABN 23 101 744 389) was established in 2002 and was the issuer of the first listed collateralised debt obligation (CDO) on the Australian Stock Exchange. Nexus has issued four ASX listed CDO investment products, Nexus1 Notes (NXBHA), Nexus2 Notes (NXBHB), Nexus3 Notes (NXBHC) and Nexus4 Topaz Notes (NXBHD).

Arranger: Deutsche Bank

Nexus4 Notes (NXBHD)

As a result of the Credit Event announced to the ASX on 19th August 2009, the Income Factor used to calculate the interest payable on Nexus4 Topaz Notes will reduce from its current level of 6.4396 to zero. Because the Income Factor has now reduced to zero, no further interest is payable on the Nexus4 Topaz Notes

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